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  • Accommodation
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  • How to get to us
  • Weather & Waves
  • What to bring
  • Security & Health
+ How can I book?

Please fill out our online pre-booking form. This form in no way constitutes a formal booking but helps us to obtain and give you all the necessary information for your surfing holiday in Salvador da Bahia. Alternatively you can always email us with your specific query.

+ How do I pay?

In order to confirm your booking and services contracted you agree to pay a deposit (a percentage of the total value of your booking). The remaining balance is to be paid locally upon arrival to the surf camp. Please read our booking terms and conditions.

+ How many days in advance do I need to book?

As long as we have availability you can book at any time, but best to secure your place well in advance since we do get full, especially in peak seasons.

+ Do I need to arrive on Sunday and leave on Sunday?

No, you can arrive and depart any day of the week and stay for as long as you want!

+ Can I take a surf camp package and my companion accommodation only or a different package?


+ Can I change the dates after I book?

Yes, if there's availability for the new dates and when advised at least 2 weeks before due arrival date.

+ Do I get my money back, in case of cancellation?

Please check our booking terms and conditions.

+ Can I get a discount?

We do have discounts available for longer durations. The more surfing you do the cheaper it gets.
Also, if you are a regular costumer or a big group we can talk about it .o)

+ What choice of accommodation do I have?

You can stay in our surfer's paradise lodge, a comfy wooden house with two spacious verandas with hammocks. The house also offers a living room equipped with TV, hi-fi system and fridge with sodas and beers, 3 shared and single/private double rooms with air-conditioning.
In addition to the wooden house we also have newer and larger bungalows, offering 3 suites with 25 square meters each, with AC and private bathroom!

Check out our accommodation offer and surf holiday packages!

+ How many people sleep in each suite / room?

The bungalow suites take up to 3 people and the wooden house rooms take up to 4 people per room.

+ Do I need to bring a sleeping bag?

Only if you wish... you don't need to. We provide covers, sheets, pillows, towels, etc.

+ Is all surf equipment included?

Yes, all surf equipment is included if you book surf school lessons or a surf camp pack.

+ What nationalities do you have the most?

We are happy to say that we have costumers from all around the world. We are an international surf company so we have guests of different nationalities who give a very good vibe in the surf house and in the surf school (surf, siesta, relax, dinners, caipirinhas, sleep, surf,…).

+ Are you open all year round?

We are open all year round. Surf school only closes Sundays, Christmas day and New Year's Eve.

+ What kind of activities do you provide?

We are experts in Surf tuition for all levels. Besides surf lessons we also have many other activities that you might want to try, such as yoga, capoeira, kite surf, massages, excursions, city tours, visits to a
turtle farm, Brazilian jiujitsu, etc.. Such activities are available on order so you’ll have the freedom to decide and pay for them locally.

+ Are your courses for beginners and people who never surfed before?

Our surf camp in Brazil provides beginner surf courses for those who have never surfed before, improvement courses for those who have already gone through some surf courses before but want to continue to improve their skills and surf different spots. We also have advanced surf days for experienced surfers who are ready to surf on their own, try reef spots, etc..

+ But I have done a beginner course before!

No worries. You can join our level 2 group. Our instructors will evaluate your skills and help you with all you need to improve your surf level and skills.

+ Do you have surf lessons every day?

Everyday except Sunday.

+ Is there a minimum number of people for the surf classes?

No, classes are held no matter how many students but the maximum ratio of students per instructor is of 8.

+ How many hours per day can I expect to stay in the water?

Around 2,5 hours per day during surf lessons and all the time you want on your own - the beach is just 60 meters away from the surf camp!

+ Do you provide private surf lessons?

Yes, we can arrange for private lessons, but only if we have available instructors.
Please email us to confirm availability.

+ Is there a minimum age requirement to join group classes? Do parents have to be present?

Small children over 6 years old can join school but parents have to be present.

+ Do I have to know how to swim?

Yes, all clients have to know how to swim. It's important that you have good body resistance, absence of serious respiratory, pulmonary and cardiac illnesses and swimming ability - at least 25 meters crawl (check our physical conditioning program).

+ What languages do the surf instructors speak?

They all speak Portuguese and English, some Spanish too. One of our staff also speaks German and Swiss-German.

+ Which is the nearest airport?

The closest airport to our surf camp is Salvador (SSA).

+ How do I get to the surf camp?
  • Direct transfers:
    Airport transfers are included in the surf camp pack!
    Transfers are only included from/to Salvador da Bahia International Airport and during the day. Transfers after 22h00 until 06h00 will be charged 25 Euros/each way. Transfers from any other address in Salvador da Bahia will be charged 35 Euros/each way.
  • Taxi from the airport to the surf camp:
    A direct taxi ride from the Salvador da Bahia airport to the surf camp surf camp will cost you a minimum of 80 EUR. Surcharges apply for night or Sunday rides, bulky goods transportation, etc.
+ How is the weather?

The weather in Salvador da Bahia is great all year long, and so are surfing conditions! You should expect air temperatures between 24-30 ºC (averaging 27 ºC). Water temperature is also quite high (around 26 ºC), so there’s no need for a wetsuit. All rooms have air conditioning to help you cool down! !

+ What is the best season of the year to catch good waves?

In Bahia water is warm and swell is consistent all year long!
The summer season in Brazil goes from November to February and these months produce smaller waves, which are great to learn how to surf!
Waves get bigger during the winter season (March to October) so you can expect bigger swells and lower temperatures but still over 20°C. Winter time of the year is excellent if you are an advanced surfer.

+ Which surf spots will I go to?

Salvador da Bahia
Jardim de Allah, Psiu, Armação, Pescador, 3a ponte, Sesc, Itapuã, Pedra que Ronca, Farol de Itapuã, Musa Point, Pedra do Sal, Cepper, Secret, Corrente

North Coast Breaks
Stella Maris, Platô do Stella, Aleluia, Ipitanga, Villas do Atlântico, Condominium, Jauá, Interlagos, Arembepe, Barra do Jacuipe, Scareef, Itacimirim, Praia do Forte, Imbassahi

+ Are there any rips at your local surf spots?

Every spot has some rips, the sand banks are always changing thus making the rips. But don't worry, you will surf at the safest spots and always under supervision!

+ Money | Credit cards

The majority of the stores accept credit cards such as Visa and Master card but is always useful to have cash in hand. Many small commerce accepts cash only.

It is safe to budget for bar, tips, tours, meals and drinks outside the camp, souvenirs and other purchases outside your package. .

Official currency in Brazil is the Brazilian Real.

+ Some essential surfing holiday items

No need for much... pack light! Here are some tips on some essentials to carry for your surf holiday in Brazil:


  • Board shorts / Bikini
  • Regular shorts, T-shirts
  • Rash guards (no need for wetsuit, the water is warm throughout the year)
  • Nice shirt/dress (1 or 2)
  • Fleece/Sweatshirt for the evenings
  • Baseball Cap or Sun Hat
  • Sandals or flip-flops
  • Hiking Boots

Other stuff

  • Camera (film and/or memory cards)
  • Beach Towel(s)
  • Cash & Credit Card
  • Passport & Driver´s License
  • Airline Tickets & Vouchers
  • LOTS of Sunscreen: We recommend H2O proof, SPF 45
  • Portuguese "Quick Phrase" Book... You never know ;o)
+ How is the security at Bahia Surf Camp?

The access to the private community is restricted to the owners and guests.
The Condominium has private security 24/7.

+ Does the staff at Bahia Surf Camp have a solid background?

You will be assisted by experienced, well known and travelled surfers, capable of bringing what's best for you that have the desire of living new and intense experiences in surfing. Check our Camp's Staff and clients' reviews and testimonials.

+ Are there any mosquitos?

The surf camp is located between a big lake and the beach. It has mosquitos, however not many since the house is very close to the sea and also very ventilated.
Mosquitos in this region do not transmit Malaria or other serious illnesses.