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All Inclusive Surf trips are designed for experienced advanced surfers looking to ride some of the best waves in Central America. El Salvador is one of the top surfing destinations in Central America with all the necessary ingredients for a lifetime surf trip: uncrowded world class waves, beach front accommodation, bilingual surf guides, transportation to the best spots in El Salvador and Nicaragua, airport transfers, delicious food, welcoming people and a wide number of outdoor, eco and cultural activities to chose from.

All you have to do is bring your surf gear (you can also rent locally) and get your plane ticket, we'll pick you up from the airport for a surf trip of a lifetime!

El Salvador’s coastline is divided in two main surf zones - West Cost (La Libertad) and East Coast (Las Flores):

La Libertad | West Coast

Surf Trip La Libertad El Salvador

La Libertad encompasses about a dozen different high quality breaks beginning at the coastal town of La Libertad where the most popular surf spots are, such as Punta Roca with its powerful and hollow wave.
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All inclusive surf trip in La Libertad includes:

Las Flores | East Coast

Surf Trip Las Flores El Salvador

Las Flores is the perfect location for a remote and chilled surfing experience. The surf trip includes boat trips to El Toro, Punta Mango and you can also surf 2 long breaks overviewed by your hotel.
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All inclusive surf trip in Las Flores includes:

Discount Surf El Salvador

If you want a full Central America surfing experience we offer All Inclusive Surf Trips across El Salvador and Nicaragua, covering 2 countries, 3 resorts and many spots in between. Boat trips included.


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Surf Trips La Libertad

Located just 30 minutes from San Salvador city, La Libertad coastal area is a very central location providing easy access to many world class waves and other activities such as visits to national parks and colourful towns, Mayan temples, Eco tours, mountain biking, fishing, volcano hiking, etc.

La Libertad is the paradise of right hand point breaks such as Punta Roca, K61, Mizata and many others, no more than a 10 or 20 minutes drive from our surf camp.

La Libertad All Inclusive Surf Trip includes:
Intermediate+ / Advanced surfers

The most consistent surf spots in La Libertad area are:

  • Punta Roca world class right point, probably 200+ yards riding
  • La Paz mellow right hand point break 100+ yards riding
  • Sunzal the longest wave in El Salvador over 250 yards, easy to ride, gets better with bigger swells
  • San Blas left and right hand point break and good beach break
  • Zonte the most consistent spot in la Libertad because it works pretty well in small swells (2 to 4 ft.)
  • K59, k61, Mizata and others not too much frequented point breaks and beach breaks like Conchalio with a heavy and thick beach break lip.
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Surf Trips Las Flores

Las Flores is more rustic and less frequented than La Libertad. Located 2,5 hours from El Salvador International Airport, it offers some of the most hard core breaks. Its remote location is the perfect scenery for a full-on surfing experience.
There are amazing waves just below the hotel (check out the swell from the pool garden!) at the famous Punta Flores break, also we'll take you to secluded breaks that are only accessible by boat for some more unforgettable rides!

All inclusive Las Flores Surf Trip includes:
Intermediate+ / Advanced surfers

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  • Airport transfers - 2 ways (24/7) - Airport code SAL
  • Ocean front accommodation in Las Flores with AC and private bathroom
  • 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with choice from the menu including filtered water, juices & coffee
  • Boat trips to Punta Mango** and unlimited land transfers to the best surf spots in Las Flores area*
  • Bilingual surf guide (English & Spanish spoken)
  • Ocean front Swimming pool and outside showers
  • FREE Wi-Fi internet connection
  • Extra outdoor activities and sightseeing tours available upon request
  • Lot's of barrels!

    * Guided trips don't include surf equipment, but you can rent locally: Please tell us your preference of board(s) in advance.
    ** 5 to 7 nights stays include 2 boat trips, 9 nights stays include 4 boat trips

Most consistent spots in Las Flores

  • La Vaca is a hallow, critical, shorter wave 300m west from Punta Flores (you can paddle or walk)
  • El Toro offers long lined up rights with 200m rides with access by boat
  • Punta Mango is a powerful and hollow right point with rides up to 200m (boat access)
  • Punta Bongo is another uncrowded right point, accessible only by boat
  • El Cuco a hollow beach break around 800m east of Punta Flores, favouring lefts

Read more about the waves in Las Flores (East Coast) >>>

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Combo Surf Trip El Salvador: La Libertad + Las Flores

For the perfect recon surf tour in El Salvador, nothing better that the combo surf trip. Travelling and staying in both coasts, you try all the different surf spots in El Salvador!
Our West Coast (La Libertad) resort is located on La Paz beach where you can surf two of the best waves in El Salvador. This location offers easy access to some of the best surfing spots in the country, all of them 15-20 minutes away.
On the East Coast (Las Flores) we have a luxury lodge located just couple steps from Las Flores Point and offer boat service to other locations such as Punta Mango.

A 7 nights All Inclusive Combo Surf Trip includes:

  • Airport transfers - 2 ways (24/7) - Airport code SAL
  • 4 nights ocean front accommodation in LA LIBERTAD with AC, TV and private bathroom
  • 3 nights ocean front accommodation in LAS FLORES with AC, TV and private bathroom
  • 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with choice from the menu including filtered water, juices & coffee
  • Unlimited transfers (by land) to the best surf spots in Las Flores and La Libertad surfing areas*
  • 2 boat trips in Las Flores**
  • Bilingual surf guide
  • Dedicated vehicle with AC
  • Free Wi-Fi internet connection
  • Lot's of long rides and barrels!