Kitesurf Camp in Famara Lanzarote

Kitesurf Camp Packages Lanzarote

Kiteboarding for intermediates

Our Kite Surf Camp in Lanzarote is the perfect kitesurfing holiday in the Canary Islands. The combination of a paradise location, top comfort accommodation, good weather and warm waters, professional kite surf tuition and constant winds... make it an unforgettable holiday.

Famara kitesurfing school is a IKO Certified Center since 2004. For more than 13 year from March to October the school offers matured and experienced kiteboarding tuition and the guarantee of a teaching program developed according to IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) standards. We are a Naish Pro Centre & Rip Curl centre with the latest Naish and Rip Curl equipment.

IKO Kiteboard Center Lanzarote

This is not about two days fast courses... Our goal is for our kite students to become safe and fully self-sufficient riders, ready to go and enjoy safely the sport by themselves after finishing their instruction. By the end of the course you you will be accredited with the IKO Kiteboarder Card (recognized worldwide) stating the IKO level achieved during your instruction.

IKO kiteboarder card

Besides complete beginners, for those who have taken kitesurfing lessons before but still feel the need of further tuition, we run intermediate and advanced level kiteboarding courses to help you get your kite boarding skills to where you want them. Kitesurf School in Famara provides a safe and quick certified step-by-step approach to Kite Surfing learning.

Our Kitesurf Camp holidays in Famara include kitesurf tuition, affordable accommodation in Famara or La Santa, all the necessary equipment, insurance and transportation to the beach... All you have to do is buy you flight to Lanzarote and join us!

Kitesurf Camp Lanzarote
1 week includes:

Kiteboarding lessons Famara
  • 7 nights accommodation in Lanzarote (Famara or La Santa)
  • Transportation to the beach from the kite center in Famara
  • Kiteboarding Lessons at Famara beach (theory and practical) for 4 days, 3 hours/day (total 12h)
  • All kitesurfing equipment (Kites, boards, harness, helmets, life vest, wetsuit etc)
  • Radio-assisted classes, you will be in contact with the instructor at all times, including in the water
  • Senior IKO Instructors
  • IKO Kiteboarder Card with level certification
  • Low student/teacher ratio (max. 4 students per instructor)
  • Insurance during kite lessons (civil liability)
  • Lots of kite surf, fun and tan!

Kitesurf Courses Levels
Famara - Lanzarote

From March to October we offer kitesurf lessons for all levels, from absolute beginners to intermediate and advanced riders

With access to up-to-date water support and rescue vehicles radio assisted classes, state of the art equipment, safety systems, helmets and life vests you are sure to learn this fantastic sport in the safest environment. Our team of certified senior kite surf instructors will work with you in small groups, teaching beginner to advanced kite surfing fundamentals. We offer a low student-to-teacher ratio with all the necessary material included. Lessons take place every day of the week, including Sundays.

Beg ginner Kitesurf Course
Level 1

Kite center LanzaroteThe Beginners Kite Surf Camp in Lanzarote is aimed at those of you who wish to learn Kite surfing on the safest and most fun manner on one of the most beautiful and uncrowned spots in Europe (Famara Beach is inside "Famara Natural Park" a protected Biosphere Natural Reserve).

The objective of this beginner 4 days course is to learn all the handling & safety procedures and full control of the kite both inside and outside the water.
In this course, you cover all the land exercise and do your first body dragging, become fully self sufficient controlling the kite and managing with the board at the same time, exercises water starting exercises and first tries with the board.

Kiteboarding lessons LanzaroteThis course will get you through all the steps, from setting up your equipment to your first sensations flowing on your own in the water. You will cover all the steps up to IKO level 1 certification.
The course covers, safety, kite set up, flying skills (unhooked and hooked), launching and landing, theory on wind effects, space awareness, body dragging and self rescue with initial water starting techniques (unhooked and hooked. Achievement on the course always depending on students learning curve!

Intermediate Kitesurf Course
Level 2

Kitesurf clinic Lanzarote

The kitesurf clinic is aimed at people who have done a beginner course before and for one reason or another were unable to complete it or feel they would like to recap on the water work to boost their confidence.

This course helps you to improve body positioning, kite and power control, better board and edging technique and aims to get you up on the board every time kite surfing out and back.

Participants have all the theory, are competent beach flyers but just need to cover body dragging and getting on the board. You must have completed at least IKO level 1.

This is the level for you if: Kiteboarding for intermediates

  • Have completed IKO level 1 or 2
  • Are fully knowledgeable and competent on all the steps covered on the IKO level 1 or 2
  • Know all the "land" work
  • Body dragged
  • You try to water start (unhooked and hooked) but find that you are rolling in the water prelaunch and just not getting anywhere!
  • You are totally hooked to kite surfing

You should take the intermediate kitesurfing course if you have fully completed all the steps in IKO level 1 or up to IKO level 2. Achievement on the course always depending on  student's learning curve.

Advanced Kitesurfing Course
Level 3

Advanced kite courses LanzaroteKite camp for advanced riders is for those that are more natural to kite surfing, have covered up to IKO Level 2, bought their first kite and board and regularly practice at a local spot.

You may well be up on the board and finding that you get over powered and wiping out spectacularly after a blistering run or just don't seem to be able to crack the upwind technique and having to walk back up the beach. For sure you have a limited amount of Kite flying hours and frustration is lurking... You find you need to try those extra kite sizes you need, coaching tips and supervision, improve your upwind ability, smooth out transitions and ... start to explore controlled jumps whilst in a safe environment.

The advanced kitesurf course aims at people that have completed and are fully competent on all steps covered on IKO level 1 and 2 or those of you that have covered IKO level 3, but still need coaching to get their kite surfing skills to the maximum. Come and fly with us!