Surf Camp Lanzarote - Surf & KiteSurf School with accommodation in Famara

All you have to do is buy the flight to Lanzarote... leave the rest up to us from 230€/week!

Surf Camp in Famara & La Santa - Lanzarote

Join our Surf Camp in Famara and meet people from all over the world!Our instructors will work with you in small groups, teaching safety, surfing fundamentals and techniques to all surfers - beginners to advanced. Surf lessons always take place at Famara Beach, from 10h00 to 15h00 daily, Monday through Saturday, leaving Sunday day off to relax and rest or to visit many of the places worth seeing in Lanzarote or just chillin'!! 

You will meet people from all over the world, sharing your surf experiences in maximum safety in really chilled environment, whilst having a lot of fun!!

Get the perfect surfing holiday with our surf camp in Famara!

1 week Famara Surf Camp Package - What's included?

Learning to surf in Lanzarote
  • 7 nights accommodation in Lanzarote (Famara or La Santa)
  • Transportation to/from the beach from our surf shop in Famara
  • Surf lessons (theory and practical): 5 days x 5 hours/day (10h00 to 15h00) in Famara beach (all levels)
  • Surf equipment during lessons (Board, wetsuit, lycra vest and leach)
  • Picnic at the beach on course days (hot sandwich, energetic bar, juice and water)
  • Diploma & photos of your surf
  • Insurance (civil liability)
  • Certified Surf Instructors
  • Low student/teacher ratio (max. 8/1)
  • Free Wi-Fi Internet Access (Famara surf house & some apartments)
  • English and Spanish spoken
  • Lots of fun!



Companion Package

You can also come with a friend/family member who doesn't want to surf.

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What Surf Course Level should I take?

Surfcamp Lanzarote Our surf camp in Famara is open to surfers of all levels!

What is your current level of surfing?

  1. I have never surfed before - Initiation to Surf (Beginner)
  2. I have surfed before but want to improve my skills - Surf Clinic (Intermediate)
  3. Surf Guiding for advanced surfers - Surfaris (Advanced)

Level 1 - Beginner Surf Course

Surf Camp Lanzarote - Famara HERE EVERYBODY'S A BEGINNER!

Ready to learn how to catch waves and surf in Lanzarote?! No place to be ashamed…You will share with everybody your daily progress surfing in a truly friendly and fun environment.

We offer a fun and effective program for surfing initiation for beginners or improvement for intermediate surfers. In 5 days (25h) we guarantee your success... All the “tips” given by our certified surf instructors will become really helpful to “free surf” in a very near future...

You will learn all the safety measures necessary to the practice safely this wonderful sport, the sea cycle, tides, currents, rips, weather, bottoms, etc., all the requisites for your near future free surf... All this in maximum safety. Our instructors are also certified beach lifeguards.

Level 2 - Intermediate Surf Clinic

Private surf lessons Lanzarote IMPROVEMENT COURSES - Surf with no worries and improve your style!

Surf camp for intermediates is designed for surfers that already did a level 1 surf course, surf but not regularly and want to improve their skills or simply want to surf in a very good and safe atmosphere without having to carry their own material or look for suitable waves.

Our certified surf instructors will evaluate your skills and supervise your training, advising or correcting whatever is necessary to improve your surf. Lessons takes place at Famara beach.

You will perfect your style and correct the “bad habits” acquired over time, learn how to “duck dive” to get to the outside, manoeuvre correctly, do “bottom turns”, “cut-back” and much more… (depending on your level). You will rapidly improve and develop your surf learning new tricks…You will see results...

Level 3 - Advanced - Surfaris (min 5 participants)


The Surfaris in Lanzarote are for advanced experienced surfers…If you think you are ready to surf in the best spots including shallow reef breaks… this is the level for you.

We recommend the SURFARIS in Lanzarote from October until the end of March. During this period the swells are consistent through out the Canary Islands. There are numerous spots in the island, from beach breaks to rock bottom, reef, etc... all top quality waves ...

Our expert guides will advise you on the best waves no mater where they are in the island.They'll tell you all about the spots: how to get in and out, the currents, type of wave, etc.. Don’t waste time searching for good waves, with us you will surf the best waves for the day no matter where they are located in Lanzarote.
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