Surf Classes in Famara LanzaroteWhether you have never surfed or kite surfed before and have always dreamed of learning, or you just want to improve your existing skills, our coaches will help you realize your goals. Are you staying in Puerto del Carmen or Costa Teguise? We'll pick you up and drive you back to your hotel for an amazing day out at the sea (surf school only)!!!

Come and experience the fun & freedom of Surfing & Kitesurfing with our team of experienced & qualified instructors at Famara Natural Park.

Our base is Famara Beach, a spectacular 4km sandy beach on the Northwest coast of Lanzarote. The Surf & Kiteboarding School offers surf programs for beginner to advanced surfers.


Surf lessons in FamaraJoin us in beautiful Lanzarote and learn to surf from the local experts. We promise to make your first surfing experience exciting, memorable, fun and successful.

We'll pick you up from any hotel/apartment in the Puerto del Carmen/Costa Teguise areas (min 2 persons or 1 persons x 3 or more days).

You can do a 1 day surf course (or as many as you wish) or join our complete 5 day course. Classes taught in English and Spanish.

Surf School Famara - Lanzarote

Surf school Costa Teguise

Our Lanzarote surf and kitesurf school was founded in 1997 with one simple idea in mind: to offer our guests an unforgettable surf experience. A few years later, we added the Kiteboarding division to our school.

The 4km long beach of Famara and its predominant northeast winds provide a unique location to safely practice Surf or Kite Surf.

Come and join us for some surf, fun and tan!!! We will give you a safe and pleasurable beginning to the ultimate sport of surfing.


Beginner surf course LanzaroteOn the beach

Whether you have never surfed before or you just want to improve your skills, we have the coaching that will enable you to reach your goals. Our local instructors will work with you in small groups teaching beginner to advanced surfing fundamentals, which include water safety, surfing techniques, surf etiquette, proper equipment and wave selection. Beginners learn basic surfing techniques before entering the water as well about waves, currents, winds and tides.

Surf classes, are taught in English and Spanish, on the beautiful " Playa de Famara", on the northwest coast of Lanzarote (Biosphere Natural Reserve).


Best surf equipmentEquipment

We provide top-of-the-line surfboards, body boards and wetsuits for all participants. We have everything from soft surfboards for beginners to high-performance long boards and short boards for more experienced surfers.

We are a Rip Curl wetsuit Pro centre so you'll use the latest material of this leading brand. But feel free to bring your own equipment!

1 day of surf lessons includes:

Surfschool in Famara Lanzarote
  • Transfer from any Hotel in the Puerto del Carmen/Costa Teguise area
    (Minimum 2 persons or 1 person x 3 days surf school)
  • Transfer between the surf shop in Famara and the beach
  • Surf Lessons (theory and practical), 5 hours/day (from 10h00 to 15h00)
  • Equipment: Surfboard, wetsuit, lycra, etc. (during classes)
  • Picnic on the beach (hot sandwich, energy bar & refreshments)
  • Insurance (civil liability)
  • Low student/teacher ratio (max 8/1)
  • Lots of fun!


Prices Surf School Lanzarote

The 5 days surf course includes:

Famara surfschool
  • Transfer from any Hotel in the Puerto del Carmen/Costa Teguise area
  • Surf Lessons (theory and practical) for 5 days x 5 hours/day (from 10h00 to 15h00)        
  • Equipment: Surf board, wetsuit, lycra, etc (during classes).
  • Picnic on the beach (hot sandwich, energy bar & refreshment)
  • Diploma
  • Insurance (civil liability)
  • Low student/teacher ratio (max 8/1)
  • Lots of fun!


Prices Surf Courses Famara

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What Surf Course Level should I take?

Our surf camp in Famara is open to surfers of all levels! What's yours?

I have never surfed before
Initiation to Surf (Beginner)

I have surfed before but want to improve my skills
Surf Clinic (Intermediate)

Surf Guiding for advanced surfers
Surfaris (Advanced)

Level 1 - Beginner Courses

Surf school in Lanzarote

Here everybody is a beginner... No place to feel ashamed…


Ready to learn how to catch waves and surf in Lanzarote?!
in Famara beach you will share with everybody your daily progress surfing in a truly friendly and fun environment.

We offer a fun and effective program for surfing initiation for beginners or improvement for intermediate surfers… In 5 days (25h) we guarantee your success...

All the “tips” given by our surf instructors will become really helpful to “free surf” in a very near future...

Our certified surf instructors guarantee that in 25 hours you will be surfing.

You will learn all the safety measures necessary to the practice safely this wonderful sport, the sea cycle, tides, currents, rips, weather, bottoms, etc., all the requisites for your near future free surf...All this in maximum safety.

Our instructors are also certified beach lifeguards.


Surfcamp Famara



Photos / Surf Camp Packages

Level 2 - Intermediate (Surf Clinic)

Surf Clinic Lanzarote

Surf with no worries and improve your style!


If you have done a beginner surf course before, you surf but not regularly and want to improve your skills or simply want to surf in a very good and safe atmosphere without having to carry your own material or look for suitable waves... this is the level for you …

With this course you will perfect your style and correct the “bad habits” acquired over time, learn how to “duck dive” to get to the outside, manoeuvre correctly, do “bottom turns”, “cut-back” and much more… (depending on your level).

All surf courses for all levels are imarted at Famara beach.

Our certified surf instructors will evaluate your skills and supervise your training, advising or correcting whatever is necessary to improve your surf.

You will rapidly improve and develop your surf learning new tricks…

All this in maximum safety. Our instructors are certified beach lifeguards.

Join our improvement surf courses for intermediates in Lanzarote and you will see results...

Surf course Famara - Lanzarote



Photos / Surf Camp / KiteSurf Courses

Level 3 - Advanced - Surfaris

Surfing Lanzarote

Don’t waste time searching for good waves in Lanzarote.

If you think you are ready to surf in the best surf spots in the Canary islands including shallow reef breaks… this is the level for you…

Our expert guides will take you to the best waves of the day… no mater where they are in the island. They'll tell you all about the spots: how to get in and out, the currents, type of wave, etc. Surfaris in Lanzarote are for advanced experienced surfers (min 5 participants).

Surfaris Lanzarote

We recommend the SURFARIS in Lanzarote from October until the end of March... During this period the swells are consistent through out the Canary Islands.

There are numerous surf spots in Lanzarote: from beach breaks to rock bottom, reef, etc... all top quality waves ... Our surf complex in la Santa is located in front of Lanzarote's best spots in the Canary Islands such as El Quemao, La Derecha, Izquierda, La Santa bay.

Wake up looking at El Quemao, The Left and La derecha...

Step out your door and get in them' barrels...

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