Surf and Yoga/Massage in Lanzarote

Yoga sessions during sunrise and sunset on the amazing beach of Famara

Surf and Yoga Famara LanzaroteThe idea to offer yoga and massage as additional activities to our surf courses came to us when we saw that many of our students lacked physical fitness, flexibility and coordinated breathing, so we devised special yoga lessons for surfers: Improving your physical abilities for a more efficient training; Alleviating minor physical problems; Enhancing the state of a deep relaxation and well-being that so many people experience after surfing, turning your holidays into a real break from the stress and problems you may have in your every-day life



Yoga in Famara LanzaroteOpinion from a Professional Surfer: “Since I discovered yoga, it has enriched my life on many different levels, but I was really surprised to see how much it improved my surfing performance.The breathing exercises (Pránáyáma) have enhanced my cardiovascular fitness, while the postures (Asanas) have given me more physical strength and flexibility, particularly in the legs. Additionally, yoga has considerably improved my sense of balance, my concentration and the ability to relax. I realised that as a surfer I can benefit especially from all the positive aspects of yoga, and not only from its physical, but also from its philosophical side: like surfing, yoga is characterised by an attitude of respect for others and nature. 

Ayurvedic Massage

Surf Shirodara MassageAyurvedic massage in according to the Indian tradition.

Ayurvedic massage Surf LanzaroteThis therapy supplies proper circulation, which helps our bodies grow and renew. Ayurvedic massage expels toxins and provides deep relaxation.

Physically, it helps all systems of the body.

Mentally, it helps mind to relax by removing energies that store past tensions and emotional problems in our body

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