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Best Waves in Nicaragua

The best swells in Nicaragua are caused by tropical storms, which occur mostly during the rainy season, so the main surf season in Nicaragua is winter, from May to November, when waves are higher and more consistent. Usually the waves are more than 7 feet high (2 meters) with consistent long period South swells, accompanied by off-shore winds and some rain.

  • April to November: 4-6 ft. consistent swells with bigger 8-12 ft. swells
  • November to January: waist to chest high offshore perfection
  • February and March: mid-size swells, always offshore


Surfing La Barra Puerto Sandino

LA BARRA *****

  • Performance: 5 Stars
  • Direction: S, SSW & SW
  • Tide: Low
  • Wave Size: 4-8++ feet
  • Location: 10 minutes boat ride

La Barra (or Puerto Sandino) is known for its sand bottom left hander. You can only get to it by boat and you can't be a beginner to ride it!

Chicken Bowls Nicaragua


  • Performance: 4.5 Stars
  • Direction: S, SSW & SW
  • Tide: Medium-High
  • Wave Size: 4-6+ feet
  • Location: Front of the House

Chicken Bowls is a consistent left directly in front of the camp, with occasional rights. The wave has two bowl sections, outside and inside over the reef. Breaks best on a high tide, allowing our guests more surf time and sessions.

Launch Ramps Surf


  • Performance: 3 Stars
  • Direction: S, SSW & SW
  • Tide: Medium-High
  • Wave Size: 2-4+ feet
  • Location: 2 minutes walk

Launch Ramps a just a few hundred meters south of the camp and you can count on peaky ledges breaking right and left offering some of the best surf around. This beach break will deliver a punch at high tide into low.

Punta Miramar Surf


  • Performance: 4 Stars
  • Direction: S, SSW & SW
  • Tide: Low-Medium
  • Wave Size: 4-8+ feet
  • Location: Direct paddle out

Punta Miramar is a left hand point break, just 5 minutes walk or paddle from the camp. It's a great wave during the upcoming high tide and with breaks good almost in any swell size but best 4+feet. This wave is a good option for intermediate and advanced surfers.

Surf Pipes Nicaragua

PIPES ****

  • Performance: 4 Stars
  • Direction: S, SSW & SW
  • Tide: All tides
  • Wave Size: 4-8+ feet
  • Location: 6 minutes walk

Pipes breaks good in all tides and with the right swell direction can be very hollow and provide an ample barrel section. It's also one of the most consistent

La Casita Wave Nicaragua


  • Performance: 4 Stars
  • Direction: S, SSW & SW
  • Tide: All Tides
  • Wave Size: 3-4+ feet
  • Location: 17 minute boat ride
Meat Grinders Nicaragua


  • Meat Grinders Located a 45 minute boat ride south towards Veracruz, this a left hander breaks over a shelf which creates a massive left slab with long shoulder. There are also several other waves along the way and the fishing is also excellent.
Brain Crushers Wave


  • This spot is near La Barra and breaks only on low tide.
    The name says it all - advanced surfers only!
Secret surf spots Nicaragua


  • These are great waves accessible by boat only, we don’t provide any descriptions... So it's best if you come with us to find out...

Wave Science

Waves can be formed by storm systems out at sea (ground swell) or by localized on-shore winds (wind swell).
Ground swells travel for a long distance across the ocean until breaking on the exposed coastline. These swells are usually much bigger, better-organized and more consistent then those caused by winds.
Wind swells are created by strong on-shore winds and are usually smaller, less well-organized and choppier than ground swells. With the right wind (off-shore) and the right tide, the wind swell can bring perfect surfing conditions.

Wave Types

Beach Break - Waves breaking over a sandbank and onto the beach.
Point Break - Waves breaking along a headland. The wave can break over a sandbank, coral reek or rocky formation.
Reef Break - Waves breaking over a submerged coral reef or rock formation.