Surf Camp Alentejo - Surf tuition and Surf Accommodation in South Portugal

The perfect holiday for single travelers, couples or groups of friends.

Surf Camp Alentejo (Vila Nova de Milfontes)

Surfschool AlentejoOur Surf Camp in Alentejo is in Vila Nova de Milfontes on Portugal’s southwest coast, conveniently located approximately 150 km's from the airports of both Faro and Lisbon. Vila Nova de Milfontes is crossed by the river "Mira" with many bars along the river and a sandy beach right at the village center. We are based near the center of the town, 10 minutes from the beach and surrounded by the “Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina” (Natural Park of SW Alentejo and Vicentina Coastline) with its rivers, hills, wildlife, dunes and both popular and desert beaches.

So close yet so far from "civilization"...
Surfcamp Alentejo 100 km of UN-CROWDED pristine sandy golden beaches, crystal clear waters and sunny 300 days a year!!! This area has consistent Atlantic swells with great surf all year round for both beginners and more experienced surfers.

An experience you will never forget... If you are looking for a surfing holiday in the coolest area of Portugal and meeting lots of new found it ,o)

We offer surf courses for beginners or intermediate surfers. You can start the surf camp any day of the week and for any given number of days (Best arrival day is Sunday). We also have surfaris for experienced surfers... Our guides will take you the best waves in Alentejo for the day no matter where they are!
Surfcamp Milfontes AlentejoOur surf house in Alentejo is a typical portuguese house located in a quiet area.

With 2 big outside yards with spacious "tan" areas, hammocks, barbeque, ample rooms and lounge, common kitchen (fully equipped), two bathrooms (Ladies & Gents), big living/dinning room with TV/DVD and sound system, one double and several communal rooms. Wireless Internet coverage anywhere in the house. >>>Photos

You can cook in and there are plenty of supermarkets, restaurants and bars close to the surf house. >>>Photos

English, Spanish and Italian spoken.
Surf Camp MilfontesYou will never have a bored moment or feel lonely at our surf camp. Surf vibes are everywhere and you'll make new friends the moment you arrive.

After a perfect surf day, the town has plenty of "action" to offer. Vila Nova de Milfontes offers a pumping summer fun atmosphere with beach bars along the river, quality restaurants and nightclubs.

The Costa Vicentina region of Alentejo is known as the heart of Portugal’s Music Festival land! with events such as Sudoeste Music Festival in the month of August with a line-up of top bands!!!

Surf, chill and Party at our surf camp in Alentejo.

Surf Camps for beginners/intermediates

Perfect Surf in Alentejo - PortugalOur Surf Camp Holidays include accommodation, breakfast, surf tuition, all surf equipment and a lot more extras...

The Alentejo Surf School & Surf Camp has a team of highly qualified surf instructors with many years of surf and surf tuition, certified by several Surfing Associations and as life guards.

You can start the surf camp any day of the week and for any number of days!

1 week of surf camp in Milfontes includes:

  • Surf Courses MilfontesPick up/drop off in Milfontes or 40km radium, on arrival/departure day
  • 7 nights of accommodation in our surf house
  • Breakfast
  • Transportation to the beach on surf school days
  • 6 days of surf school and training (2 x 2h/day) - except Sundays
  • Picnic lunch at the beach on surf school days (sandwich, fruit, water and juice)
  • All surf equipment (even after classes)
  • Certified surf instructors
  • 2 yoga sessions (40 minutes/session)
  • Wi-Fi
  • Insurance during classes
  • Lots of surf, sun & fun!


Prices - Surf Camp Alentejo


Surfaris in Alentejo - Intermediate / Advanced Surfers

Surfari in Alentejo

Don’t waste time searching for good waves

With us you will surf the best waves for the day no matter where they are located in the Vincentine Coast area.

Our expert guides will take you to the best waves of the day… no mater where they are. They'll tell you all about the spots: how to get in and out, the currents, type of wave, etc. and join you surfing, helping you to choose the waves appropriate for you to improve your skills.

The Surfaris are for advanced experienced surfers… If you think you are ready to surf in the best spots including shallow reef breaks… this is the level for you… Bring your own surf gear!

1 week of surfari in Alentejo includes:

  • 7 nights accommodation in our surf house in Milfontes
  • Breakfast
  • 6 days of surf guiding - Except on Sundays. Surf equipment is NOT included.
  • Picnic lunch at the beach on surfari days (sandwich, fruit, water and juice)
  • Wi-Fi
  • Lots of sun, surf & fun!


Prices - Surfaris Alentejo


Free Surf Package

Surfari in AlentejoIf you're just looking for a place to sleep and a ride to the beach, we have a perfect "free surf" pack.
The pack includes B&B, ride to the same beaches where classes take place and we'll even include a picnic lunch on the beach!

1 week of free surf in Alentejo includes:


Free Surf Prices


Equipment / Surf Board and Wetsuit Rental

Surf equipment - surf camp AlentejoAlentejo Surf Camp has many types of boards, ranging from short to longboards... Beginners/soft to hard/performance boards with all kind of shapes to choose from.

It is really important for you to surf with the right board for your level, so we will tell you the best board for you for each type of wave, then you can always try other ones. We also provide wetsuit for all sizes, from 4/3 mm (winter) to 3/2 mm (summer).


Board Rental Prices


What's your level?

Surf courses for Beginners (Level 1)

Surf improvement for intermediate surfers in Portugal Here everybody is a beginner... Ready to learn how to catch waves and surf?
No place to be ashamed…

You’ll share with everybody your daily progress surfing in a truly friendly and fun environment. Our certified surf instructors guarantee that in 5 days you’ll be surfing.

Our certified surf instructors guarantee that in 25 hours you’ll be surfing. You will learn all the safety measures necessary to the practice safely this wonderful sport, the sea cycle, tides, currents, rips, weather, bottoms, etc., all the requisites for your near future free surf... All this in maximum safety. Our instructors are also certified beach lifeguards. English, Spanish and Italian spoken.

Beginner surf course program

Surf School Beginners Portugal
  • Safety rules
  • Surf history
  • Basic knowledge of surfing equipment and surfing geography
  • Recognition of the beaches and currents
  • Wave shapes and approaches
  • Paddling techniques
  • Sitting on and turning the board
  • Priority rules and surf ethics
  • The "duck-dive" or "eskimo-roll" (diving through the waves with the board)
  • Getting to your feet – Standing up Surfing broken waves
  • Position on the line up to catch unbroken waves
  • Surf the green waves – bottom turn
  • Learn how a surfboard is made

Surf Clinic for Intermediate Surfers (Level 2)

Surf improvement for intermediate surfers in Portugal The best way to improve your surf... You will see results!

If you have done a beginner surf course before;
you surf but not regularly and want to improve your skills
or simply want to surf in a very good and safe atmosphere without having to carry your own material or look for suitable waves … this is the level for you …

Our team of certified surf instructors will evaluate your skills and supervise your training, advising or correcting whatever is necessary to improve your surf. You’ll rapidly improve and develop your surf learning new tricks…they will help you perfect your style, working on all the "bad habits" acquired through out your free surfing days and helping you with new manouevres.
You'll learn how to duck dive correctly, manoeuvre correctly, the bottom turn, cut back... and a lot more.
This course always takes place at the same beaches and schedules as level 1 courses

Surf clinic course program

Surf improvement for intermediate surfers in Portugal
  • Brief diagnose of your skills
  • Review surfing basics and safety rules
  • Paddling and turning for the wave techniques (tricks and details)
  • Priority rules (review)
  • How a surfboard works
  • Distinguish types of waves and which surf you must apply on each one of them
  • The “Bottom turn” and its importance for wave riding success
  • The importance of the upper body for the bottom turning.
  • “Duck dive” techniques
  • The “off the lip” and “cut – back”
  • General surf manoeuvres
  • Ding repair workshop (learn how to repair your own surf board)
All this in maximum safety. Our instructors are certified beach lifeguards.
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