• Where are the kitesurf spots in Lisbon area?

Lisbon Kiteboarding Spots





Cascais - Guincho beach

Guincho beach

Guincho beach is located very close to Cascais (7 km) and one of the most popular beaches for water sports all year long - surfers, windsurfers and kitesurfers share the 800 meters long sandy beach's excellent conditions.
During the summer months (June through August) the water temperature is 17-19 ºC and strong northern winds are predominant as well as smaller onshore north-west swells, making this beach ideal for kitesurf and a major venue for the KSP – world championship tour as well as many other competitions.
Guincho is an EEC blue flag beach, with lifeguards on duty during summer season, umbrellas for hire, free parking space, as well as facilities for the disabled. Visitors will also find bars, cafés and some excellent restaurants nearby specialising in fresh fish and shellfish dishes.

Trivia: Guincho beach was famously featured in the opening sequence of the James Bond film series "On Her Majesty’s Secret Service" (1969) - James Bond meets Tracy on the seaside road. Actually, this movie used a lot of locations in Cascais, Estoril and Lisbon area, all very close to Guincho and definitely worth a visit!

Distance from Lisbon: 33 km

Alcochete - Praia dos Moinhos

Alchocete Kitesurf

The beach in Alcochete is called "Praia dos Moinhos" (literally Windmills Beach) due to the windmills standing right next to the river. These old windmills were used until the beginning of the last century, mostly during the time when Alcochete was mainly an agricultural town, supplying Lisbon with cereals and flour.
Although they are no longer in use, they add a picturesque quality to the beach, where you can just go for a walk, have something to drink at the local bar, hang by the garden or make the most of the winds that once made the mills work and are now perfect for some kitesurfing in river Tagus.

Enjoy the great natural and environmental diversity to exercise your body and your mind! Weather conditions are excellent for the practice of water sports such as kite surfing and windsurfing and, for the less daring, launching paper kites.

Distance from Lisbon: 36 km

Sesimbra - Lagoa de Albufeira

Lagoa de Albufeira Kitesurf

Lagoa de Albufeira is a lagoon separated from sea by a 50 meter sand block, thus offering both flat water and small 1 meter waves in the outside.
Surrounded by pine forest almost the entire perimeter, it has small beaches along the sea and on the north bank. It has excellent conditions for sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing and canoeing, especially during the summer months and its thermal winds blowing from northwest.

The lagoon is fed by freshwater streams and the salt water of the sea. It consists of three basins and reaching a 15 meters maximum depth, Lagoa de Albufeira is considered the deepest of Portugal.
The lagoon is the largest wetland in the Peninsula Setúbal and a part of the National Ecological Reserve, with an area of ​​special bird protection. The ducks are some of the about forty animal species of that use the pond, seasonally or year-round.

Distance from Lisbon: 38 km

Costa da Caparica (South Lisbon)

Costa da Caparica Kitesurf

Costa da Caparica is the largest contiguous beach in Portugal with its astonishing 30 kilometres of golden sands!
The costal town of Costa da Caparica (once a small fisherman's village) is just across the bridge from Lisbon (south) and its seemingly never-ending beach attracts sun-worshippers, water sport junkies and day-tripping families.

Caparica is fast growing, but further south, the buildings soon give way to pine forests and small funky beach bars. The town's shops, restaurants, snack bars, surf shops and clubs provide extra value and add a lively atmosphere (day & night) during the summer season.

Distance from Lisbon: 20 km