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Surf School in Lisbon

The Surf School is located on the Atlantic west coast, just 25 minutes drive from Lisbon city center.
There are other surf spots near by to be explored but the school's 1st line location offers the possibility to surf at the spacious sandy Carcavelos beach every day of the week!

Surf school Lisbon
Learn to surf in a safe & fun environment!

Carcavelos beach is considered to be one of the best surfing spots in Europe and it's one of the first places where surf started to develop in Portugal. It is also internationally renown for hosting several events of the WQS circuit.

You can take one or as many days of surf school as you want. For best results take the complete 5 day surf course.
The maximum ratio is 8 students per instructor and Portuguese, English and Spanish are spoken.

Safety is our main concern, so the school's equipment is up to date and our certified surf instructors are also certified beach lifeguards.

The surf school's location is excellent, not only for its proximity to the sea but also for being so close to Lisbon (it's the closest surf spot), Cascais and Sintra.
This area has consistent Atlantic swells with great surf all year round for both beginners and more experienced surfers.

You can take as many days surf classes as you wish, in group, private or semi-private.
Please book your surf classes in advance
... Limited places!!!

1 Day Surf School Lisbon includes:

  • Pick up in Lisbon city center (optional)
  • 2 hours of surf lessons - practice and theory
  • All surf equipment during lessons (Surfboard, leash, wax and wetsuit)
  • Maximum 8 students per instructor
  • Sports insurance during surf classes
  • Certified surf instructors (and as beach life guards)
  • Spanish, English and Portuguese spoken
  • Lots of surf, fun & tan!

Lisbon surf School instructors work in small groups of students – no more than 8 students per instructor – teaching not only the basics but also advanced levels of surfing and focus on individual correction and supervising.

Beginner Surf Courses - Level 1

Beginner Surf Course

Here everybody is a beginner, ready to learn how to catch waves and surf! No place to be ashamed!
You will share with everybody your daily progress surfing in a truly friendly and fun environment.
You’ll learn all the necessary safety measures, sea cycle, tides, currents, rips, weather, bottoms and all the requisites for your near future free surf!
All this in maximum safety as all surf instructors are certified by Surfing Associations and as beach life guards as well.

Improver Surf Courses - Level 2

Improver Surf Courses

If you have done a beginner's surf course already, or you surf but not regularly and want to improve your skills, this is the level for you!
The surf certified instructors will evaluate your skills and supervise your training, advising or correcting whatever is necessary to improve your surf.
You will rapidly improve and develop your surf learning new tricks… all this in maximum safety - instructors are also certified beach lifeguards.

Intermediate Surf Clinic - Level 3

Intermediate Surf Clinic

The intermediate level is for those who want to continue to progress, surf some reef spots, learn new manoeuvres and keep improving their style and skills with the help of a certified surf instructor.
Besides having an experienced surfer to help you out, it's also a great way to surf in a very good and safe atmosphere without having to carry your own material or look for suitable waves - we'll drive you to the best waves of the day every day!